Some of the most loving caring people I ever met

I just want to say that you people on bb forum are some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privilege to chat with. I posted wanting to trade my kits and supplies for a completed reborn baby for my 8 year old autistic daugher 3 days ago and I’m over whelmed with the responses I’ve gotten. I’ve had people even offer to just send me babies without trading. I honestly didn’t realize there were so many good people left in the world. I didn’t think anyone would care honestly bc they don’t know me and my situation. I mean for all anyone knew I could just be a awful mother or a drug addict but not one person asked my situation. I think there was 6 or 7 people who just offered and it has really touched my heart I honestly have never ask anyone for anything SENCE I been married the last 10 years. My husband has worked the same job for 12 years and we always had the Christmas fund to provide Christmas for our kids but this year we don’t have it bc he got severely injured on the job and things have been really rough. I hated asking and even letting anyone know that I was struggling but I knew I had to try everything to get her a reborn considerin it’s all she’s asked for this year. She literally looks at reborn dolls from the time she gets up until she goes to bed. She has one that she saved her bd money for and she treats this baby like she’s real. I thought for sure that her rooted hair wouldn’t last considering she is only 8 but I’m proud to say that her baby looks just as good as the day she got her. I was scared if I didn’t get her a baby that she wouldn’t believe in Santa anymore considering its the only thing she has ask for. She doesn’t play with other kids very much but she loves reborn dolls and animals so much. I haven’t decided on a baby yet but it seriously is overwhelming the love people have shown. That’s one less worry I have to worry about for Christmas thanks to you good people. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford one by her bd Jan 4 but even if I don’t at least it won’t reflect on her beliefs of Santa. I just wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am and let people know this isn’t something I usually do. I would never ask for a Hand out or any kind of pity. The bible says ask and you shall recieve and it defiantly was right. My pride almost stood in the way bc it was so hard to put my struggles on fb but bc I put my pride aside my daugher will be one happy little girl Christmas morning. I promise you all that I will pay it forward as soon as I’m able. I’ve always been the one who helps everyone and will continue to do so. I love the spirit that comes along with giving and I know that you all will be blessed 10x for your generosity


I didn’t mean it was hard to put my struggles on fb. I meant to say on bb forum. I wouldn’t dare put on fb that I was struggling to give my kids a Christmas for al my friends and family to I’m not one to air out any of my business on fb you can look me up and see that. Lol


People here are usually nice and helpful. Once in while there is problems with scammers but luckily not to often . People go true different stages of life and who ever is normal they don’t forget the struggles .

A kids dream is very important especially in her case . You just take a baby if somebody offers and pay it forward the good thought one time later . I am sure you will .

Thee aren’t many topics with people sharing they are problem here as family and friends can be judging . Everyone get advice, opnion or help .
The nice thing is we are ladyis and gentlemens ( 2 young men’s are reborning as well ) from all around the word ready to help .

Take care and your family .

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There are a lot of members here with really big hearts. :revolving_hearts: