Some micro preemie?

Hi, I want a 9 to 12 inch micro preemie baby with full arms and legs, any recommendations?

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Mini Katie, Mini Stephie, Mini Yawns, and Promise by Marita Winters are all 9-11 inches. There are some full body, full limb ones on eBay.

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Thank you!

already reborn baby or a kit ? Laura lee eagles has a small kit out. bountiful baby has a few small kits also.

Yes, right now Iā€™m working on Miles is my second reborn (the first one painted with Genesis). I dedicate myself to sewing baby clothes and I set myself the goal of reborn babies of different sizes to be the models of my clothes (the micro preemie I want to put it in my sewing workshop)


the eyebrows are ugly and very high but little by little I am learning

thank you I will order a Mini Katie in irresistables

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