Some interesting tutorials

Looks like a new site with some interesting tutorials, but I cannot see how to sign in to the forum.

Hi Ludmila, There is a ‘Sign In’ Button at the top right corner of the blog. Looks like they are using Blogger, It will have you sign in with a Google account.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Emily; I do not think I have Google account…

Anyway, I think the swirl mapping by Sharla is the best I have seen:

These tutorials are available on Mellaine Kelly’s FB page? Baby Bundle. I don’t think the “hub” has much that she didn’t put on it. Look for the info here: Facebook … tos_albums

She states that they are a group on FB. I think one difference is that there is a blog now. This allows non-FB people a chance to access tutorials. But as Pia said, looks like it is mostly Melanie’s work.

Thanks for sharing this info.