We had a showing this afternoon at 2pm and they bought our house! YAY!!!
CASH…we can’t believe it!!! We close on July 15th…Sophia, here I come!!!

Terrific news! Congratulations - I know you have been wanting this for some time now.


That is really good news… hopefully you won’t miss Grand Island too much… You should be in Florida in a month right?? Stay on FB and the forum so we can keep up with the process…

Happy that you are getting to move near your grandbaby and so jealous! I haven’t seen Catherine in over a month. Maybe next week though!

Thanks so much! Sophia isn’t my grandbaby, but close enough…she’s my great-niece. I’m hoping to live long enough to actually see a grandchild. And for sure, I will stay in touch and keep everyone updated on our progress…now the real work begins, but it’s FUN just the same!!!



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Great news Karen!!! Where in florida? I live in North Florida!

Congratulations!!! So happy for you …

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That is SO awesome!! =) YAY!!! We just listed our house today and had two showings. We won’t know about any offers until Monday. Hopefully we will be under contract by Monday night!

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Best of luck ~ here’s hoping for a quick sale for you!

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Great news Karen!!! Where in florida? I live in North Florida!

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We’ll be in Lakeland…how close will I be to where you are?

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I’m so happy for you Karen. It seems like your house sold rather quickly considering today’s market. I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way to you. And it really is your time to hold her.

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Thank you, Mary, it took just about 6 weeks…seemed like 6 years, but I guess it really wasn’t all that long, considering the housing market these days. We feel very fortunate.

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Yahoo!!! It is so nice that you will finally be able to go on with the next chapter in your life. How exciting that you will be going it with family!!
PS…a note for Sophia…Honey, let Aunt Karen spoil you but you don’t let her make you rotten, ok? Hehehehehe. There is no such thing, right?

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LOL! I’ll do everything I can to spoil that little angel ROTTEN…and then I’ll send her home. Oh, and Michael (my brother) says he is saving a spot for me at their Thanksgiving table. So nice to have a FAMILY!!! I feel soooo, so blessed right now.

Thanks again, everyone…you guys are soooooo AWESOME! My BB family!



No reminders needed, Jen, I “think” I’ll remember! And birthdays, and Christmas, and Flag Day and any other day that comes up. You guys will get sick of looking at us!

Karen, you lucky flamingo! My grandchild is 16 hours drive away! But I’ve got one coming in Dec. that will be local. I’m SOOOOOO glad for you to be able to get little Sophia into your arms–there’s nothing like it in the whole wide world, is there? Good luck with packing and making the big trip…watch out for the alligators!

Thanks, Rhonda! For sure, I WILL be watching out for gators…ack!!!


I am so happy for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!!! to have sold in 6 weeks in this market is a miracle. And now Auntie Karen can spend time with baby Sophia!!! how wonderful for the whole family!!! I will keep you in prayer as you pack and eliminate and get ready for the move.

Thank you, Sophia and Cindy! We feel so fortunate for our house to have sold so quickly. Six weeks felt like six YEARS, but really, it wasn’t that long at all. Could’ve been much worse.

And our little Sophia is now eating solids…they send me little videos and it’s so cute how she doesn’t quite know how to handle the spoon. I’m excited to think I’ll be there for her birthdays, holidays, dance recitals, preschool programs, wedding…oh yeah, I’ll be there!

Sophia is so gorgeous, I live an hour away from Tallahassee not sure how far Lakeland is probabaly a few hours. Glad you are not here yet this tropical storm Debbie is no fun!!!

That’s for sure, Danielle…tropical storms scare me to death. THAT part of living in Florida I am NOT looking forward to. I am keeping very close tabs on my Dad, my brother, Sophia and her mommy & daddy…Lakeland is about 35 miles inland, so Dad and my brother are getting a lot of rain, but Sophia lives in that little peninsula near Tampa…YIKES… Scary!!! Be safe!!!

Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!