Sold my Twin A

I have been selling babies since 2005 and every time I still get that nervous feeling. The lady actually lives in my state so she will get her tomorrow. I put my twins in my shop for $760 a piece (twin a & b) . I have had a few lookers here and there. I listed them at the beginning of March. I wish that nervous feeling would just go away. I did include an extra pajama, brush set, toy, bracelet, blanket, bottle, and pacifier. So she should have a nice box opening. My fingers are crossed she likes her. My hubby said not to worry since my pictures looked exactly like her.


I’ve been selling reborn babies for years, and I get that same feeling! Although it’s better now than it was. I think part of the reason is because we put so much of ourselves into these babies, so much time and effort and they are a work of art created by our hands. Not like we are selling a shirt or a lamp or something. :blush: that’s my take on it anyways.


I understand! I’m sure she’ll be happy!

I just got an email saying she loved her. I have a fitbit and it said my heart rate was 100 when I read her email… I am so happy, and a bit relieved!

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