Sold in 6!

I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever sold a baby… 6 hours I think.

$95, $5 less than what I was asking, but I made almost $60!! So exciting and it makes me so happy!

:joy: :scream:

And the choir is singing Hallelujah!


Congrats !! …way to go… that was to low…so go higher … you think you made $60 but how many hours have you been working ?? electricity used ??


Thank you for your thoughts. However, this is a hobby for me. I do it for fun, not for profit. Since I enjoy it, I’m not losing any hours (I am actually helping myself out because I would be sitting on the couch chomping on food instead, and gaining more pounds).
I already factored into the price the price of electricity and the price of the supplies I used. I usually make way more when I do Auctions, but I did BIN OBO for the holidays to get the baby out ASAP. Thank you anyways.

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That’s not too bad then! $95 will buy you a few BB kits or a really expensive LE kit, so you can keep doing this hobby. If and when I ever sell any of mine, I think at first if I at least get enough to buy another kit and or some more supplies, I’d be happy! Congrats on your sale!

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Thank you. I would love to see some pictures of your babies! (I plan on using my dolly dollars to buy the Realborn Owen kit).
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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Congrats "D