Soft Vinyl

Anyone bought a kit with soft vinyl How does it paint?

You mean the German kits?
I’m personally not that fond of them, I feel like they take paint rather strangely. With my air dry it just looked like layers of paint on top, but with BB kits it doesn’t look like that at all.

I’ve done Tiffany with Genesis, which went okay.
Then I did Arianna asleep, she had similar vinyl, but with my air dry it just went wonky. I really hated painting the soft limbs. The head was harder and it went fine.
However, I also wasn’t a fan of the quality. Tiffany had bubbles in the vinyl and Arianna had little pricks in the fingers and random bits stuck in the vinyl. And for the price I paid for them… I’m sticking with BB for now. :joy:

I love the German kits, but I use air dry paint as well. They took paint beautifully, plus were darker to begin with, so they came to life easily, plus they didn’t seem to drink the paint. My best babies were made from these kits…

That being said, nothing beats BB kits for quality. I paid a lot for these German kits and found that there were defects… some minor like pin prices on limbs, but some were absolutely atrocious. The worst one I got was Maddison Arcello… so bad that it could not be sold. My 4 year old is playing with it. :rolling_eyes:

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That’s odd. Perhaps the brand of paint makes a difference? I use miracle blend.
Or maybe I just did something wrong. :joy:

I do use different paint, @EnchantedOrphanage. I use babyfx and regular air dry acrylics. That may be it. Either that or I’ve just been fortunate to get cooperative kits. :slight_smile:

Could be. But at least we agree on the quality, haha.
Maybe mine was just bad vinyl…

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Im in LOVE with the Kai kit and it says soft vinyl on Irisistables.Im not sure if German as it just said soft viny
l only have heat set and really dont want to invest in air dry .So his limbs arent to be weighted ? that doesnt sound like a sellable reborn !
although if i got him i wouldnt be selling.
He also is ball jointed which looks like could be a real pain to put together unless you had 4 hands but i still might get him anyway all problems aside… Hes just so so cute!!

Im leery to get kits outside BB because the only 2 i bought the headbis so hard i barely can get the needle in I used a rice sock still bad and i bought a salt bulb light and it blew out in no time half a head so dont know how well it would work on those

i renoved the switch and its usable but light will be on unless i unplug it each time as it is now im afraid ill burn the head inside now
So i usually stick to BB so far as i like their vinyl

The German site says you shouldn’t weight them with beads or the plastic pellets. Only fiberfill. Which is horrible of course, so they also offer vinyl bits to weight the doll. I used them in Arianna and ugh, they’re awful. Very hard bits with rough edges. You can really feel them poking around in the limbs.

Humm doesnt sound good There is litt le bigger glass beads I think not sure how big wonder if it would work ?

They advise to not use glass at all, as it can interfere with the vinyl somehow. Not sure what would happen, though.

Hope I am not intruding however I have been looking at some of these soft ones as well and a search brought up Puppen-Traumland comments on it and they do advise the plastic however they also say the glass can be used .
Then there is this one I just copied and pasted from another site =
The kit comes with head, limbs, full body, and internal connectors.

Limbs can be filled with fiber fill or glass pellets, nothing synthetic. For the head and body it is suggested that you protect the vinyl by using a fabric tube for the glass pellets you use for weight. You can create a little nest of fiber fill and add the pellet stocking in the middle for complete protection. By following these steps you will insure that your baby is healthy for many years to come.
so then that’s two for two so far and I did come up with one that suggested not using anything but the fiberfill as you said and making sure pellets were enclosed in bags in the body and head.
hmmm looks like a try it and see?

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Does …if not being sold i think worth a try
Yes this has connectors …They have a video how to do it .i just hope i dont need to be Hercules to get the rubber band thingys pulled into place as im a weak whimp

Those arm things are the worst for me. When I did Tiffany I had to get help from my father. One person holding the doll, the other pulling, we finally got it done.

i did victoria (male torso). he is extremely awesome. the vinyl, seems way thinner, but is somehow heavier. it took my air dry perfectly. rooting is quite a bit of a different experience with the soft vinyl.

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Sounds good what did you decide on the limbs did you use just fiber or did you also use beads or another weight product?

I used pollyfil and large glass beads, I got them in the flower section at ac moore. They are bigger than the BB beads and smaller than the flat marble type beads.

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Okay thanks I was just thinking the weight thing might be a problem as well as the poking of the vinyl I may when I decide to purchase put some weight in just the lower foot area and see how that goes.

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to root, i lightly stuffed the head with a sock full of polyfil. that helped