Soft-Touch Varnish

A year or so ago there was a thread about using DecoArt Soft Touch Varnish over GHSP. If anyone has done this, have you had any problems with it not staying on? Have customers reported any problems with the finish on their babies? I’ve never tried it but am curious about it. I have a baby that I just painted and want it to remain soft, but GHSP matte is rough and satin has a tendency to be a bit shiny. Would love to hear y’alls experiences with the soft touch.

I would like to know of something different also. I’ve had a problem with the matte cracking in the creases (at least I think that’s what happened).

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Wondering also. I purchased a bottle but don’t want to use it until we know it’s safe for the long haul.

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I can’t speak to the longevity of it, but I’ve gone ahead and done it on this doll. I applied the Soft Touch over GHSP about three weeks ago, and the head has suffered some abuse as I’ve dragged it all over the place trying to get it rooted. No damage so far.

It’s slightly more “dewy” than I’d like, but I do like the texture. Soft and with just very slight skin texture.

I hesitated a bit because in the world of painting you can paint oil over acrylic, but not acrylic over oil. But since we’re sealing over super thinned oil, heat set, on vinyl…It seems like a whole new animal. I read here somewhere that it would be ok. Crossing my fingers :wink:


I’m also curious whether Soft Touch Varnish can be mixed directly into artist grade acrylic paints to good effect- in place of matte medium. I have some of both & a bunch of test limbs. Will give it a try one of these days…

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Bette, I’ve read that two to three coats is best for durability.


I use Anericana Decor Soft Touch Varnish (lavender label) on my air dry babies. I do 2 coats, applying thin layers and spreading thin out really well. I don’t pounce because it makes it rougher than I like. After I spread it out I matte it with a soft, dry brush to reduce the sheen.

I have used it over Genesis with no problem. This is my most recent baby done with soft touch varnish.

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Okay. I’m going to try it. Thanks for the help.