Sofie question, need answer ASAP please

I know some of you have made this cutie before, I haven’t had the privelage yet. People keep asking me, will an unmodified paci fit in her mouth?? Please let me know if you know!! TIA

The small jolly pop (dollsbysandie sells them) will fit in her mouth.
I love sweet Sofie. I think I’m going to do another one soon.

I made Sofie for a friend that doesn’t use pacis but tried it just to see. They won’t stay in without a magnet or putty if that is what you are asking. Even the mini mams wouldn’t fit right. The nipple was too long or too thin or too wide on all the brands I tried. I haven’t ever ordered a jolly pop or heard of them. I may have to look them up just to see what they are. I love pacis but have decided I’m not crazy about wide open mouths and I don’t mind using magnets so I just get closed or barely open mouths and modify the pacis.