So who is everybody working on?

I am working on on of the big toddlers -Kinda fun !!!
Was just wondering what everyone else is working on !!!

I’m working on my Christmas swap baby and rooting Oliver and Gabriel. Nothing too exciting here!!

I am rooting Kaya (my First baby and my first attempt at rooting) I am painting a Sugar head and a Nod… Wow Nod was a very gray color much harder than Kaya to get a nice skin tone…I have a cookie I am very excited to start on…

I just finished Kitten, Ladybug and Cookie. Have Cuddles waiting in the wings.

Just started DD Ariel today, then BB Gabriel, Robin and Sydney. Waiting for Kyra and Benno to come in the mail (won them in a give=away).


I just finished Cuddles. I’ve finished Cookie, Stormy and Annie. Going clothes shopping for them this afternoon. Ok so i guess i’m the odd ball but i like the bigger babies alot more than the newborn. Alot more fun to dress. And i’m keeping these guys. Hopefully, i will be taking pictures tomorrow.


I am painting Kate and Sera May and rooting Chrisy moulton!

I am doing my second Tanya for a custom baby. Still need to finish Gabriel but ran out of poly-pellets to fill the body with, so off to the store next chance I get and will have to replinsh my stash.

Sounds like everyone is busy -ashley your hair is on the way
I did up two more batches a strawberrie blonde and a dark coffee brown (love this one!)-need to get this toddler done !!!

You have been very busy Marlene!!! Cant wait to see more of your babies!!!

I am working on Sammie Stoete by Adrie. What a cute face on that baby~

Michelle, Been there with my son when he was a teenager. But he changed for the better on his own He joined the Navy and made a career in the Navy in the medical field. He’s now been in the Navy for 17 years and in 3 yrs he’s retireing. Now i’m not saying your son should do this. Ok, he went to join the reserves but couldnt find the office so he saw the recruiting office for the Navy and enlisted. I had asked him a few yrs ago why he joined and after he told me he said he is so glad he did. But as they say Teenagers will be Teenagers… I know i was in no way a good teenager. Hang in there and i’m sure all will be ok. Rember,Tuff Love

Well I have a big ol Toddler that I need to finish painting cuz that head will take for ever to root ( I have never used a wig but I am tempted with this one) and for this one it needs alot of HAIR !!!