So -where is everyone?

I know that the BB board has been alot lesss active than it used to be -but there is nothin going on on this board lately-isnt anyone out there???

Hey DebiC how are you ??? Stef is moving and I have been helping her pack -the big move is thursday-I also have been very busy cleaning and remodeling our 3 bedroom mobil home (oldest daughter used to live there and has moved out )Hubby said I could have it for my reborning studio !!!So -now Stef well have her own room when she comes to visit and we can have reborn club meetings and dolly days and sleep overs !!!I almost have the baby girls nusery done -its sooooo cute !!!White wicker and pastel butterflys and toadstools and flowers ect…The baby boys room well be the denum teddybear theme-The grandkids were very ruff on the carpet and I spent 4 days shampooing ,but still alot of stains -and no money to replace the carpets so Ill make due for now
Wish you all could come for a ladies -n-dollies sleep over!!!
Any one ever come to northern California let me know!!! Also are any of you planning to come to the reborn convention here in June of next year ?
Stephanie Sullivan is putting it on and Pat Moulton is going to be doing a sculpting class -I hear!!!Lots of classes and mini work shops planned -Sounds like so much fun !!!