So what's the secret?

How do you get your reborning business off the ground? There has got to be a secret to this. I have sold a few locally and did a couple customs, but people just don’t want to pay for the work. I am not sitting and rooting a full head of hair for 20 plus hours and selling the baby for $100. It’s not worth it. What am I missing?


Where are you listing?

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That’s why I didn’t root my booboo doll. I think he would sell the same whether I put in the extra work… Or not!


Facebook has help me tremendously! I just keep shoving in their faces lol like see this baby u GOT TO LOVE IT ! Seems to work :neutral_face:


You have to teach me how to do it!!! I don’t know what sites to post on… :nerd_face:

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I do it on every group I can and just keep putting it out there, and if I see someone I know I share theirs to other groups also helps get them out, I’ve done that several times for Different sista’s from this forum


I am on Facebook, and eBay.


I sell on eBay and and Facebook but truly I believe the secret is photos, without great “money shots” I think they can sit for awhile.


You need awesome photos with HD details, great lighting, and you need to pose your reborn in ways that a real baby would move / relax / sleep. Give all the details in your text but photos make the sale. Crop them down to make the baby the focus of the pix and use a template to make things look even more professional. You can make a beautiful reborn, but the only way your prospective customers will know it is if they can see the details. If your photos are blurry or your baby is too far away in them, they won’t even stop to look. Keep working on it, you can do it!