So what is everyone up to -lets catch up!

I thought it would be fun to catch up and have everyone tell what they have been up to -what are you reborning -sculpting -sewing -crafting ect…any doll shows what ever…
Stef and I are currently working on some sculpting and have a baby that is almost ready for e-bay -we have been working on a new website and well be hosting a “open house” with a prize give away there soon

Lori grandbabies are wonderful -I got my 5th granddaughter -baby Faith Laraine on dec 5th just 12 mo and 4 days after lil Mia Larae was born!!! They say no more -but I hope they at least space them out and give the babies a chance to be babies -if they do try for a boy later!!!

Oh Lori congrats on your new baby-lock !!!I love my surger and I dont even sew much -love to see what your maken!!!

Hi Jo and tiny-welcome back !!!Jo your toddler is beautiful -loveing that hair!!! Tiny cant wait to see pics!

I have been an old sew and sew! Just sewing up a storm. OH wow Nicole, Babylock Elegante embroidery machine, that is a nice one. Can hardly wait to see what you create with it. I can give you some heads up on good embroidery sights if you want. Have you done any in the hoop designs? If not you will love them! I did have time to do 2 babies one Lexi and then I have done my Kameko but haven’t done her hair yet.

Hi Janie !!! You are the bestsew and sew I know!!!LOL

I ordered up the LDC air dry paints and am trying to learn how to paint successfully with them.
I have blogged it all on my website for future reference since there are so little instructions out there about them. reborn the Carter sculpt with them and sold him to a lady at church.
You can see him on the website.

I also got a little Babsi play doll at Tuesday Morning and did a partial reborn on her to keep for my collection. She has a new soft jointed body, a hair cut for her wig, and I removed her eyebrows and painted lashes around her eyes then painted her new brows, accentuated her creases, blushed her and gave her nail tips. She has a magnetic hair bow but I didn’t do a paci because I don’t like to see my babies’ faces covered up. She is the baby in my siggy right now.

Awe! That is a sweet pic!

I got this email today from the lady who bought my Carter whom she named Ellsworth

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Ellsworth is sleeping all night starting the very first night. He is such a nice little boy. Thanks

— End quote

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So good to have the forum back! I haven’t been doing any reborning lately but I have been busy crocheting and knitting. These little cocoons are very addicting!

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They are so cute all in the basket together!

Susie that picture is adorable!! Cher I’d love to see the sculpt you’re working on, do you have some pictures posted somewhere?

Well -I dont have pic as of right now but we well pst some shortly-Stef and I want to finish up the limbs and dress them first!!!