So much work to do

Look at all these pretty babies I’ll be doing within the next few months.



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Crazy! Funniest thing is all my favorites are there!

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Who’s the little red one in the front?

Saskia’s head looks smaller than Celeste’s. Is it, or is it just the picture?

Oh, no. Saskia, Grant and celeste are to keep me sane between customs. And Isaac is for my little sister for Christmas (I like to be prepared). The rest are customs though

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That’s Megan. Her painting is finished but compared to stark white kits she looks much redder than she actually is

I’m not sure right this second (it’s 6:08 am) but I’ll take a picture when I get out of bed :joy:

Here is Saskia, Celeste and Gracie from the front

Saskia and Gracie are close in size. Thanks :blush: