So many wonderful new realborns!

Smiling babies! Awake babies! Asian babies! Cubby babies!

Which realborns are your favorites? There are so many now! OMG squee!

I am loving:
Madison Awake
Ashley awake and asleep
Joseph awake
Presley awake and asleep
Summer Rain

But they are all so cute!!!
Little Laila, June with her sleep smile!

Which are your favorites?


Laila asleep and miranda asleep.


I know they are so gorgeous and amazing!!
Here are my faves:

Charles Asleep
Summer Rain
Ashley Asleep
Owen Asleep

Laila Asleep
Dominic Asleep

I love these babies

Wish I could get a Presley Asleep!


And I can’t wait for June


They have Presley awake in the 2nds, I thought it was asleep so I checked its the awake. Sorry


Presley asleep seconds went FAST! I mean all the other seconds are still around but he sold out the first day!

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Laila, June, Joseph (Awake), Miya

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I should have bought him but I talked myself out of it.

my first realborns; Elizabeth and Evelyn, made them for 2 little girls ages 7 and 9.


They are very cute and the little girls will love them. May I ask, did you matte them, they look a little shiny.

yes, I use Luminaire which is always shiny, even the shine reduction sealer. I put some baby powder on them and it cut down some of the shine,

Presley asleep was the very first Realborn created. So I’m sure people really want to get their hands on it. I was able to get Presley awake.

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