So many Realborns comming out!

Shirley Jones shared her wip yesterday

I love the hairy yawning baby, who is that? Is that a realborn?

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Leilani asleep

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I want Michael to!! Very “boy” features, can’t wait!!

Where’s phineas awake?

On the BB main page. Lying up there so sweetly.

Realborn michael is that one:)

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It was so much fun to be able to sculpt/scan this baby yawning…very tricky but I’m glad you like it!

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Yeah! I haven’t tried a pacifier in her yawning mouth, maybe when the vinyl is in the warehouse I’ll try it and post pictures. But I am working on a mouth specifically to fit a regular sized binki in:)

And yes she will share limbs with her awake kit:)


I am sooo excited!!!
Does Leilani yawning have the same limbs as the awake kit?


Good to know, we will have more curled limbs in the near future. Realborn Canon and there is one other that hasn’t been announced yet that will be SUPER cuddly!


We will have more with both hands open, I don’t remember which ones I did recently that will, but there will be more in 2020 for sure:)


Marita winters yawning sculpt was my favorite by far, for a couple years I tried and tried to scan a baby while they yawned. It is nice to finally deliver on this request;)


Oh yay!! I can’t wait or all the new ones to come out :heart_eyes: I’m loving all of them already!

I can’t wait to see Cannon and the other really cuddly babe! A kit with limbs like Levi Brown would be so amazing!


I love Levi’s legs!


Yes the little bendy curly legs are my favorite too :heart_eyes: “wink wink!” Lol!


Martin, Michael and Phineas.

This always happens, the more I look at them each the more I want them ! It’s great to see so many to look foreword to! I can’t wait to see what you fabulous artists do with them !
@BBMelinda and that’s so much fun that there will be some other cuddly -curly limbed cuties to look forward to! You all are Awesome! Thank you!!


So exciting!! :heart: I love the realborn babies!