So many questions

Help me solve some questions that I’m pondering on!

Hair glue: what type do you use ? Has anyone used silicone to glue hair and eyes in?

Eyelashes; bottom lashes do you root them or paint them?


I use regular aleenes tacky glue for hair
and I root bottom lashes when customers ask for them

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Thanks😊. I usually uses the ok to wash for the hair glue. Now I’m wondering if I could mix tacky glue with silicone and make a glue mixture.

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I don’t use any bottom lashes. It’s often too much for small babies.
Silicone usually only sticks to silicone. I don’t know if it’ll hold. I use tacky glue and it’s always held up for me, even with combing and occasional gentle washing.

I’ve heard that using silicone glue can ruin a vinyl reborn over time.

I’ve never done bottom lashes, I imagine I would do them for a toddler, but I don’t like the look of bottom lashes on babies since you can barely see them on most real young babies anyway.

I’ve tried a bunch of different glues for hair and I love MacPherson’s Ultimate Rooting Glue more than any other glue! It glues the hair down well, it really sticks to the vinyl. If you need to re-root a spot the needle pierces right through the dried glue without pulling it away from the vinyl. Actually, here is the info from MacPherson’s:

~ This product is a mixture of several archival polymer adhesives to create the best end result for gluing hair onto vinyl!

~ Low Odor

~ Adheres to Hair AND Vinyl

~ This glue slightly shrinks for better adhering to the hair

~ Wet Glue has a milky color so that you can see if all hair has been covered


~ Once dry, glue is resistant to water and chemicals

~ Rooting needles can pierce through the glue to allow rooting touchups

~ Great Archival Properties - will not crack or disintegrate over time as most glues do

~ Light weight and Spreads as easy as butter

~ No known Chronic Health Hazards from any of the Ingredients

~ Easy Clean up with Soap and Water

Here is the link: General Supplies: Glue ~ ReBornFX The ULTIMATE Rooting ~ 4 OZ


Makes sense

I just ordered the macpherson glue. I plan to use it. Wasn’t so sure about it. Thanks for the tip

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You’re welcome! I think you will like it:)


yep, i love it :wink:


you sold me, going to try it next time I order :slight_smile:


I’ve tried so many different types of glue for the hair and this one is the best of them all, I think you will really like it!


Liquitex Matte Gel


Damn it @Babies !!! :joy:
Adding to the list.

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I have been using a water based silicone sealer that I buy at Family Dollar. I also use it to seal limbs. I love it!

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Haha! It’s definitely feels like a never ending list of things to buy with reborning. It’s a really great product though, definitely worth it! :grin:


What’s the name of it?

I will take a picture of it in the morning.


I don’t know why I was thinking silicone. It is caulk. I’ve had great success with it.