So many discontinued kits in stock 😮

Somebody must be cleaning out the back closets at BB. All of these discontinued babies are in stock. :open_mouth:


Really wish I could get Clover, but unfortunately shipping and import fees would make her very costly. :frowning:
I wish they sold her in Europe.

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I want clover too! I ordered Jasper the other day. Then right after that, they added Clover. I put her in my cart to get next time I ordered. But then I saw test heads so I got them instead. Then I saw sleeping Presley…Clover got bumped done on the list again. I want her and those crying babies. But I can’t justify anymore purchases today. :grimacing:

I’d be more than happy with Jasper too. I’d love to reborn a fairy, but Cupcake’s face is just too odd for me.
Unfortunately with shipping and taxes it would be an extra $60 just to get Clover. :tired_face:

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I don’t understand why they discontinued Jasper and Clover but kept Cupcake. She is very dolly looking and awkward. You’d think they would want to keep the cute kits, especially with fairies being to trendy right now. :thinking:


I hope @Miss_Kitty sees the crying babies. They added Cupcake as they were discontinuing Jasper and Clover. I hope they bring them back.