So mad at myself right now!

I spend hours and hours rooting and almost ruin it with one stupid move. I cut the hair, baked the head to seal holes and then this morning I’m gluing and the fine hair I’m using is getting stuck to the glue as I’m spreading and pulling it out. I used E6000 because I like the way it dries and holds. Not anymore! It’s too thick and sticky. I spent the last hour frantically trying to root the bare patches before the glue inside dries. Of course it doesn’t look the same now and I have holes where the hair got pulled out. I don’t think I can bake it now since there is glue and a magnet in it’s head. It’s not a lost cause, it just looks sparser now, but soooooo frustrating. What kind of glue will spread easily without pulling out the hair?

Try heating up some water… Insert a zip lock bag inside the head and pour the hot water in the bag…
Be very careful not to burn yourself…
After the head is soft pour the water out and remove the bag, let the head cool…
This may seal your holes…
Make sure the glue is dry before you try this …
Good luck!!

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I use Fabric Fusion as per Pia, seems to work really well for me. It is Aleenes Fabric Fusion, it is water soluable till dry and then it is permanent spreads nice.


So sorry this happened, Michelle. I’ll probably get flack for it, but I seal my hair with Mod Podge. It works great for me and it’s easy to spread without pulling hair. It has to be completely dry before assembly though, or it could mold. i guess that’s true for any glue. I caution my buyers not to completely soak the heads because the water could seep in along the hair shafts, but again, that’s true with any glue.

Does fabric fusion take a long time to dry? Do you do 2 layers? :disappointed_relieved:

What a sad emoticon. You need an emotihug.


I use Alene’s Turbo Tacky Glue. It spreads nicely and does the job well. I let it dry over night, and if I made it too thick anywhere, I just use the blow drier to dry it.

I let it set a couple of days and I only do one layer,

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I feel your frustration, @micholc! Let us know how it turns out.

I like how fast E600 dries but it was pulling hair out on me, too. I used Fabric Fusion twice and it takes forever to dry even with a fan blowing into the head. I thought I’d try Mod Podge this time around. @otterbaby2, I’m not sure which one you use but I found one for fabric so I thought it would be flexible like Fabric Fusion.

I use Mod Podge. It’s nice and thin, but not to thin, let it dry and do it again. I’ve never had a problem with it, and never had a complaint from a buyer about any mohair pulling out. Isn’t it amazing on how different we all are in our tecniques, but for the most part with the same out come.

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I think I read on another forum about someone using regular household silicone sealant? They said it dries quickly and works great, but would there be a reaction of the silicone sealant to the vinyl-----does anyone know?

On my first layer of glue I use the Aleene’s tacky glue mixed with some water to make it thinner. For me this coats the hair enough so that when it dries it is enough to secure the hair so that when applying the 2nd layer of thick glue it does not pull out the hair.


I used Mod Podge for many babies and then someone posted that she had used it on a baby a couple of years ago and when she took it apart, the glue had deteriorated and was a crumpled powder. So - I switched to Aleene’s fabric fusion which remains flexible. It dries for me in about 6-8 hours, but I probably only squirt a couple of tablespoons in the head and then reach in with a long handled fan brush and spread it over the hair. It is not tacky like the E6000, so it doesn’t pull out the hair. I wouldn’t use silicone because I think it might cause some “drag” too. You can root through the fabic fusion when it is dry (but I think you can root through the E6000 when it is dry too but I have never tried it). I don’t think rooting through it while still wet is a good idea since it will pull the glue up to the surface and make a mess on the outside of the head (never tired that either, but others have). Sorry you had that happen. I like sparse hair! I think you can probably bake again with the glue in the head without damage - wouldn’t do it multiple times though. (Heat is supposed to moke the magnets lose some of their magnetism though).


I use Aleenes OK to wash it in 2 layers. It’s waterproof, easy to spread and it’s white until dry so you can see if you missed any spots. As long as you don’t apply it too thickly it dries fairly fast. I usually allow mine to dry 24-48 hours before assembling just to make sure there’s no moisture in there.

The Fabric Fusion is clear. Are you using one of the glues?

I didn’t know that about the Mod Podge. Thanks, Pia. Guess I need to go on a search.

I personally have not popped a head off and seen it for myself, but if someone else saw it, then I will steer clear of it.