So I didnt order the doll my daughter did

Hello I didnt order the doll…but my daughter did.So she said on Ebay
SO THEY ORDERED THE DOLL AND DIDNT PAY…NEXT A MESSAGE SAYING THAT A CHILD ORDERED THE DOLL ON EBAY.Then she ask me am I the artist,she need more pics,what condition the doll is in.I believe that she bought the doll but dont want to pay.My thing is if you cant afford a doll like this.Why arent you at family dollar or Walmart shopping for your kids.They even have the fake babies on ebay for under 100 dollars.But these scammers want to look at three hundred dollar dolls and want them for free.I dont want to hear that story…Another thing why is ebay loaded with people that want to buy a bunch of stuff that they have no money to pay.What the heck…they wake up every day to make a fake email .Then go shopping for stuff they cant afford.This is wild they cant go to the American girl store and ask or demand a free doll.And all the american dolls look the same.You know what the next time somebody ask u for a free doll.Tell them to write American doll and ask them for a free doll.You heard they are giving away free dolls.


I recently told a lady to go to Walmart and try telling them she would be paying in 2


Just block people with non payment strikes in your preferences, when somebody does not pay open and shut the case as soon as you can, and you will not be getting bothered by these people. hen check your blocks activity, and see how many people get blocked. I just looked and there were 6 just in the past week who tried to buy a doll from me, but were blocked because of non paying history.


Exactly send them straight to walmart

Hey Luda how you been doing…Happy holidays.

we should keep together and have the same sentence to send them …this way they would approach a few artists and if we say the same hopefully at list some of them they would give up

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That is so aggravating!!
I had a lady saying her little girl would love my doll, and that if I dropped the price then her daughter would be happy on Christmas.
Listen I would love to be kind and make someone’s day but I mean come on, I have 4 children and I sell the dolls to make money for their Christmas gifts so no I can’t take 100 off of the doll I’m sorry


Exactly…they are demanding