So happy! Custom order

I’m so happy! I just got a custom order! Mama is still deciding on a kit but she wants a chunky baby girl, I sent lots of options and I can’t wait to see what she chooses. I love doing customs so much, there’s less stress for me


Happy for you!

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Thanks! I can’t wait to get started!


I hope it will be the kit that you will like. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I only really suggested ones I would be okay with. She’s going to think overnight and let me know in the morning. I’ll have money to buy another kit since Im placing an order at the same time so I can pick one I really like then too


That’s awesome :clap: can’t wait to see

YAY, glad you get to buy a new kit after all :slight_smile:

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That is so great!!

That’s wonderful!! Keep us updated.

Awesome, I hope she’s going to a patient customer and choose a kit you like doing!! Have fun!!

That’s awesome!

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I am sooo excited for you! Congratulations, cannot wait to see what she chooses

That’s great! I love doing custom orders. :heart:

yeah!!! Congrats!!!

She’s decided on the Alexa Marie kit. Not my favorite but I think she’ll be a cutie when she’s done


You will do great, she has the cutest chubby face!


Thanks! She changed her mind and wants Greta Marx now, which is good cause I like her better but that hard head scares me lol

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Seems that she might change her mind tomorrow :smile:
To me Greta looks like baby-girl that you just finished. Alexa Marie is different and more expressive, even if she looks like she is upset about something in her dream - so sweet. But that is just me.

What happened was that she didn’t see Greta first, she decided on Alexa but then she went back and noticed Greta and fell in love with her. She is similar to Ylenia but she’s by the same sculptor so that makes sense. I don’t mind if she changes her mind before I buy the supplies, it’s after that when it becomes a problem

I personally don’t like Alexa for the same reason I don’t like Landon. I’m not a fan of a lot of sculpts with that super deep nose crease


Did your Ylenia sell? I need to look up Greta and see what she looks like.