So disappointed in my Madison Kit

I ordered Madison by Andrea Arcello. I came home early from work to meet my doll kit and she is missing part of the vinyl by the neck. There is a gash on her nose and part of a finger tip feels like it is missing. So I email Andrea, for what good that will do I am not sure. I can’t sell her this way. You can feel the grove in the vinyl

I bought mine for her directly. She was a little cheaper than MacPherson. The finger and nose I can deal with and only I will know but the body you can feel it. I have never had this happen before. I don’t really ever pay too much attention unless I am excited to get the kit. But I will from now on. But my hubby said the same thing about the dealer or artist should check each on over. When some one purchase an item from me I check it over with a fine tooth comb before I ship out.


Wow! That should never have passed inspection.


I am not too sure. That would be the next option. The vinyl in the one crease is actually cut. I haven’t heard anything from her yet but my fingers are crossed. Otherwise I will be forced to open a PayPal case. This wasn’t a cheap kit either which is even more depressing.

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I would ask for a replacement or refund. You paid too much to have to deal with defects. :confused:


Oh man, I would be so disappointed. :frowning: This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about problems dealing with Andrea, too , which is a shame. I hope they give you a refund or replacement, that juts isn’t acceptable!


I cannot believe they would let this out. That is not acceptable, you should not have to work around faults, unless you are buying 2nds. Absolutely insist on replacement or full refund.


I’m so, so sorry. There’s been a lot of bad service coming from Andrea (not trying to start anything but it’s true…a lot of issues with her silicones and some of her kits). It’s a shame because she’s an amazing sculptress…too bad her customer service doesn’t seem to be near as wonderful :frowning: I hope she refunds you. That’s not fair at all to pay a lot of money for something that’s not as it should be.


I just got an email about Madison. She will replace the parts. I was fuming last night and wrote another email with pictures. The first one was her website with the comments but I tried the email on her PayPal account. I was so dang worried. So now I am going to get home from work and look it over. I am just happy that she got back to me. I read the stories after I ordered from her.