Sneak peeks

There’s some really cute sneak peeks at MacPherson’s that aren’t released yet.


I’ve been trying not to look but I can’t help myself lol There are so many cuties coming out soon

Ugh! Saw about 8 I’d love to have! So many cute new kits coming out!

I want 5 of them. Not happening. lol (At least not all at once)

I just found Peyton but it says she’s sold out, yet it is an open edition. I’d really like to get this kit. Anyone know if she is indeed sold out?


She’s not sold out. She’s a pre-order. You pay a deposit of $30 now, and they bill the balance + shipping when she comes in. Or, you can pay the full price of $69.99 and they bill you for the shipping when she comes in. Don’t forget to order a body if you need it. She doesn’t come with one.

@jeanhai, thank you. It is confusing since it says sold out in the description.