Smiling kits

Do you know if they make standing open mouth smilers? Somewhat similar to this picture not looking too much into the features since my mom wasn’t in the mood to look at the camera. :joy: I’ve attempted looking but honestly I get lost in the amount of kits available.


Shaya isn’t a stander. But she’s a smiler and does have a straight leg and a bent leg and could be stood up like the baby in the picture


Oh thank you! I will see if I can find this kit. Isn’t she sold out?

She is limited edition but not sold out yet :blush:

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Oh ok I will go order her then. Thanks again! The smiles are SO similar.

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The chubby knee looks the same too :heart_eyes:
Shaya is an adorable kit and she paints easy. :wink:

Not a stander, but a smiler

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Ping Lau has several adorable smilers

you could always buy the limbs separately if the kit has bent legs