Slumberland Mohair/ Delta Dawn Mohair

Hello Ladies,
I have been trying to get to Slumberland’s website to get order mohair, and every time I try to go to her website it takes me somewhere else. Is she still doing mohair, or has she stopped? I am thinking her website is down or something.
I was looking at Delta Dawn’s mohair and it doesn’t look too bad. Have any of you used Delta Dawn mohair? What do you think of it?
I will be disappointed of Slumberland is no longer doing mohair. :frowning: : disappointed:

I was just on her website last week and it was working for me but I didn’t follow through and actually order. I’ll go check and see what happens if I go back there now

You’re right it isn’t working. This is what it brings me to

Looks like the domain is down.

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I ordered January 10th from her website but I found her website turned to this when I went back to reach out to her.

I have seen this happen a couple times, normally it’s back by the beginning of the month!

Whew!! I am glad I’m not the only one that is having the same problem, maybe she is doing a new website. I am so used to using her mohair, and I love it. I will wait a few days and see if she responds to my email.
Thank you everyone for getting back to me.

That is what I was getting too,

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I have used Delta Dawn with mixed results. 2 batches I’ve bought were excellent quality, super soft, no breakage. A 3rd batch was really course and brittle, I think it’s like a lot of places, it’s usually good but occasionally you get a bad batch, I would personally order it again if I wasn’t able to get mohair from the Etsy seller I buy it from recently.

Thank you for the input.

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I have some delta Dawn and it is rooting nicely, but there was way too much conditioner in it and it was matting together. I had to wash it with shampoo and it was better, but when I have to comb through it I end up losing a lot of product. It also is not secured at one end so that made it more difficult to work with too. I won’t be buying it again.

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What’s your thought on golden fleece?

Never tried it

Personally I have used delta dawn and it tangled terrible the quality was not there for me at her price. I wasted a lot of hair and I thought it was over praised. I won’t buy it again . I have used Golden Fleece and Shangrila, my favorite was Angela Sprott. Just my opinion. :footprints: :baby:

I’ve used Slumberland and Delta Dawn and found them both to be good quality but it was a while ago. Karman Dolls on Etsy has beautiful, inexpensive mohair but it takes long to get it as she’s in Russia. Golden Fleece Boutique is also very nice and not overpriced.



I just spoke with a friend of mine, and the Slumberland website should be up, and running in a couple of days.


Delta Dawn has too much product in it and is not packaged with the cuticle in the same direction. Company says the “cut” end doesn’t matter and you can root from either end!!! Stay away!


I hate delta dawn

It is up there with never again like ruby red or what ever the cheap one BB sells is called

I buy from angora mohtique and the hair from Russia if I have the time to wait for it. It’s nice hair at a great price.