Slight varnish panic attack

Hey everyone, here slightly panicking…
My genesis varnish did something very strange…several spots are flaky and white. I already baked them 6 times, 130C,for 9 min. It feels very rough and don’t know how to correct them…
Already tried qtip with some thinner…no results. Tried heat fun on those areas. No luck…
Don’t understand why my varnish is doing this on these spots…
My matte varnish recipe is varnish plus some thinner and tiny tiny bit of color (genesis). I mix it really good. Let it dry before baking. All the white dissapears during baking… expect these… why? These dolls are my worst reborns ever…never made them this ugly…
I’m so sad and mad at myself…does anyone have the golden tip for me?

How does that make it ugly? It looks like dry skin really. It’s not really ugly. I don’t bake so I don’t know, but it’s not that terrible either.


Ok thnx…but I really think these baby’s are worthless…varnish and color wise… bit ashamed to show these pictures

I’m a collector. I think they are beautiful!

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I don’t know anything about genesis, but if I couldn’t fix this, I’d probably moisten the lips some and market this as areas of dry skin. Dress them up cute, take pictures of everything, and list away. :grin:


I had that exact same thing happen once, but mine happened because I had put it on too thick. If I remember correctly I brushed the big flaky pieces off with a toothbrush, left the other cracked looking parts, baked over with thinning medium which took all the chalky dry areas away and then revarnished. Some areas I thought were too much to fix so I left them and I advertised them as “dry skin effect” it was around the ankle creases and wrists and a little on the nose. It does look like great dry skin, if you can’t correct it Is just embrace it and put “realistic dry skin effects” in your description.


Haha that’s great advice!!

That’s silly. They are not worthless. Have you seen some of the babies people make? They make money on terrible looking babies. Yours is nowhere near. I think there is too much pressure on perfection.