Skye (Information Found) Thank You!

Can anyone tell me who sculpted the Skye kit. I know it has been sold out for some time here on Bountiful Baby. I am in the process of reborning Skye into a darling boy and was just wondering if anyone remembers anything about the kit.
Thanks so much for any info you may have.

I don’t know I have not heard of it but I am very interested as well. I would love to see a picture.

Here is a Work In Process Quick Photo. I do not have one of the blank sculpt…sorry


Idk but you are doing a great job looks like a darling sculpt!!


Thank you so much for the info!!!
Hugs, Jacalyn

Oh wow I have never seen this one before but it seems familiar. reminds me of a reva schick (sp?) doll. and it is looking wonderful. cant wait to see the finished product and thanks for sharing!

I will share photos once completed.
Thanks so much!!
Hugs, Jacalyn