Skye hair or no hair?

I need opinions, should I put hair or not? I kind of like her bald. :blush:


She is really cute, but if you are planning on selling her it might be awhile. I have had baldies, but no one has bid until I root and put them back on.

She is real cute but I agree with annalane58 if you want to sell her she might do better with a little hair, either rooted or painted. It seems like people seem to like hair of some kind. Although there are the “Baldie” lovers out there too !!! Do what ever you want and others can just go with it. Good Luck whatever you decide.

She is cute bald, but it is hard to sell bald babies. I would do some kind of sparse hair. Nice work.

Hair definately. She’s adorable now, but with hair she’ll be crazy cute. Are you thinking blonde?

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Thanks for the help, and yes I already dark blonde :blush:I will probably start on it in a few days

Let us see when you’re finished or as you go along!

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Adorable kit and I agree that if you are planning on keeping her then leave her bald if you like. Babies with hair seem to do better on eBay. You did an awesome job on her. The kit reminds me just a little bit of Presley Awake.

Here she is with hair :blush::blush:


So much better with hair! She’s adorable.

You did that rooting fast. She’s adorable with hair.

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Love her with hair.

Thanks, I worked on it for several hours :blush:

I don’t know what you consider “several”. The quickest I have ever done is 14 on my last baby. The others are all over 20. You must have been rockin’!

:grinning::grinning: well I can’t stand not getting finished once I get started, it took about 4 hours. I’ve done an entire baby in 2 days, but that’s with little sleep.

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Geez----You are like the fastest rooter in the world, we should nickname you “The Flash” !!! LOL. It takes me forever to root------although I have only completed 2 rootings. I think I must need to take lessons from you to get faster !! How do you do that? I always think Pia can root fast and she says it usually takes her about 20 hours and I think that’s quick. Gosh you go girl. Baby is darling.

Thanks!:blush::blush::blush:. I guess with seven kids of my own , I’ve learnt either get done as fast as possible or have no time at all.

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She is really sweet. Several hours? Whoooaaa! :heavy_exclamation_mark:

New pics

I especially love the first pic with the headband!