Skin tone on feet

I’m trying to reach the skin tone in these tiny little feet from the first picture…the second pic is what I’m getting…any suggestions for colors?


This is what I get but I want to get that natural not so pink color


Try an earth mint wash

What you have is adorable.

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Your little baby feet look good! I like the coloring.

Edit to add picture of my 11 Mo. Old. This is only a cell phone pic so the color doesn’t look as dark as it is in real life.:grinning:


I like yours!

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I like these…

Yours look great. If I’m trying for a very pale blushed feet I add more thinner to my blushing mix so it’s not so concentrated.

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I don’t have a mint green color :frowning: what do yall think about instead of the blush color I try a flesh with a touch of the blush?

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I think the color your wanting is Pyrol red 05 ? it is a very light pink -I dont use GHSP anymore but used to have a pyrol red that was perfect for this and made a similar color I use all the time in My Cheairdry paints

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