Size up or size down German glass eyes?

I want to order Heavenly Illusions eyes for a newborn baby, but I don’t like the aspect of big irises in reborns. For example, Sebastian prototypes eyes are so big they seem to be placed looking to the side to be able to show the sclera. I’ll put a picture here. However, real babies eyes show more of the sclera.

So which size of German glass eyes I should choose to achieve this look of real baby eyes, considering the info of the kit says he needs 20mm eyes? I mean, I know 20mm glass eyes and other materials eyes have different sizes. Should I size down or keep the size?

[Sebastian kit by Olga Auer]

[real babies]

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Are you using/planning to use oval or round?
I know a couple suppliers actually do make eyes with smaller irises


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I’ve gone a size down before because of this problem and then there were gaps in the corners of the eyes :woman_facepalming:t3:had to end up purchasing the size recommended. Look for eyes that say they have a smaller Iris instead of the whole eye being smaller…just my opinion.


Could you recommend them?

I’m worried about that too

The main one I can think of is Iartreborn

There are others but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

Just make sure you look for ‘small iris’ and not ‘small pupil’ or you’ll end up with a really funny looking baby!

I find that it is hard to buy a pair of eyes for a specific sculpt before I can try them. So many things effect they way the eyes look. The opening of the eyes, the shape of the eyes and so on. I usually keep several pairs on hand to try and find just the right one that looks right.

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I love IArtReborn eyes with the small iris!!!

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Here is Elijah…so you can see how they look.


For newborns, the larger iris tends to be better, I think. My son’s scleras were almost not visible at all when he was born, and for the next few weeks. But slightly older babies have more sclera showing. Sometimes I think the smaller iris eyes show a little too much sclera.