Single barb rooting needles

What is the best way to locate a single barb on a rooting needle? I am not using a forked or notched needle.

You should be able to feel it with your fingernail.

Should the hook be on top? i have always used crown needles.

Every mohair is different. I just keep turning my needle and trying it til I find the sweet spot that grabs the hair. I don’t root any more due to tendonitis but that was how I did it.

Thank you for your help. How long would it take you to root a sparsly rooted head? Rooting takes me so long that I can’t imagine that it is economically feasible. I have been selling reborns for 15 years between 300 and 500. Usually I paint hair. Once in a while I root, but never receive adequate profit for it.

I root with the single barb down and you should be able to see it when you turn the tip.

Thank you. I will try this. Where do you start rooting. I do a map first. I usually do top of head , then, side, back, side. What works best for you?

I start at the temples and back of the head. And work around. I’m still not happy with it and I do something different every time.