Simon and steve By Brit Klinger

Has anyone done Simon and Steve By Brit Klinger??? I just got the kits sthe other day and so far I can only find very few done… Thanks

Hi- yes my twins just got an offer on Etsy! Yeh sales are slow! Jacob and Jerrod! I personally thought very cute and detailed!


Thank You so much you did an amazing Job… I Hope your sale goes through!!

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Me too!

I have the open eyed one but haven’t started on him yet. I love the kit though.

Well to be honest, they look better painted. People on Ebay and Etsy have told me they like them- so pretty great sellers!

Yay I finally started mine I am trying to give them a very very blotchy preemie look I took these under my oven light with a flash but I will take more tomorrow!! I just had to show them off cause Im soooooo in love already!! They are my first preemie size and ohh I adore it anyways here they are

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Bobbi’s Bitsy Bundles has the Simon kit on sale right now for $26 shipped. not a member of DF you can Email her to order.

Thank You so much I saw she had him on sale !!! If I had not just blown my baby budget I would have grabbed a couple