Silken medium for rough doll

Can I use a silken medium of Macpherson over the matte varnish to soften the doll’s skin?
I made many dolls, but still, I didn’t overcome the problem of rough skin
I purchased this medium the last year, I think they didn’t sell this medium anymore, so is there anyone who tried it?
if yes, how to use it?
if not, what can I do with the rough skin?
Thank you so much

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The actual name is Silken medium? Or Sikken?
I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find that product.

I’m sorry
The name is (Silken Skin Heat Set Medium)
I think they removed it from their website, but still in my purchase history

I’m still not finding that product. It wasn’t Dewy skin?

no other medium. ok, can I use thinning medium over the matte varnish?

I use air dry so that isn’t a question I can answer.
@anjsmiles are you familiar with this product?

I wouldn’t use Thinning Medium over matte varnish, as I’ve always found it make the vinyl a bit shiny.

Maybe Soft Touch varnish could be applied over the matte to make it feel a little bit smoother?