Silicone Painting Class

Interested in learning how to paint silicone? Anyone living in or near Alabama I’m offering a live one on one silicone painting class Labor Day weekend. COME JOIN US!

As requested I’m offering a LIVE IN PERSON one on one Silicone Painting Class. Space is limited as this class will be held in my home studio. See details below.

Date: Saturday & Sunday September 3 & 4, 2022 Labor Day Weekend

Location: Wetumpka Alabama

PM me for payment information

Option One $575 - 2 full days of personalized instruction. Silicone Cuddle Head and Reggie’s Cuddle and Pose Body, Psycho Paint pallet (using Silc Pigments) Parts A & B, stippling sponges, brushes and matting supplies.

Option 2 $300 - same as above but you bring your own baby to paint.

3 miles from my house - WindCreek Hotel Resort Montgomery
6.6 miles from my house -
Hampton Inn Montgomery East Chase
Fairfield Inn Montgomery East Chase
Candlewood Suites Montgomery East Chase
Holiday Inn Express Montgomery East Chase
**All locations near shopping and restaurants.
Lunch and snacks provided on class days. Group dinners out to be planned.


That baby is beautiful. Which one won first place?


:heart: Melanie is an amazing woman. Anyone able to go should. I would if I was closer.
Every student at Rose that I met loved her too. They were all so happy and proud of the heads they painted in her beginner class.


Maria Grover’s Pascale.


Thank you!! @DollyPardon you have no idea how thrilled I was to place second behind Maria! She molded and sculpted this baby Story. Maria’s work is amazing. This is me on the left and Maria on the right.


Thank you so much @jlesser you’re so sweet. I appreciate you so much. This class will be smaller and two full days. I only have 2 slots left!!


How I wish I was in AL and had time to do this. :smile:


I saw your post about winning on FB. Congratulations!!!
It would be fabulous taking a class from you. I am sure whomever is able to attend will have a wonderful experience! I will be in Kasas at the show that weekend.


@anjsmiles I wish you could join us too but I have several commitments during that time and Labor Day weekend was the soonest I could offer this class to the ladies that are waiting. I know that’s the same weekend as Kansas but my plan is to offer these classes again for those that can’t make it to the shows.


Ugh why do I have to be broke and afraid to fly and have social anxiety :thinking:

This sounds like so much fun and an amazing deal! I hope you can record it and maybe sell as an online tutorial :thinking:

::hint hint::

Again I would love to offer my video services to do that if only I wasn’t all of the above :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don’t think I’ve been to Alabama but it’s on my list :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unfortunately it’s also the same weekend as the Kansas doll show which I am also to all of the above to attend :rofl:


Where do you live woman?!?! Maybe it’s time for a Road Trip!!!


I was thinking about going to this. It’s a 9 hour drive, but I like driving.


32 hour drive for me… without traffic… lol

Or a 7 hour flight for $700. :frowning:

I would so drive if it was only 9!


Come on and join us!!

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Do you think hotels are fully booked at this time?

Are you referring to the silicone class that Melanie is offering or the Kansas doll show?

The Kansas one.

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Ah, gotcha!

Alabama is not a horrible drive from GA so I think it would be doable for me at some point if you offer them later. That would be great fun!


Are you coming to Kansas? :grin::heart: