Silicone paint +tutorial recommendations?

I’m looking to start painting silicones! I can’t buy all the materials at once, but am looking to start gathering things bit by bit. So far I was looking at Macphersons but the only full kit they have in stock is the one by KrisC

My question is, the paints look very small, like they could only paint 1-2 babies. Is this true? If so is there somewhere I can a full size one that matches the set? It also says you may need extra part A and B. Are they referring to this?

If so, is this stuff compatible with most/all silicone paint?

I heard this is very good to matte the finished doll with. Is this what would be the equivalent of the ‘varnishing’ layer for vinyl? How much would I need to matte a silicone?

I’m also looking for a good tutorial (I’m not sure how the one included in the set is), I would prefer one I could buy and immediately access Vs a class I would have to wait for.

Lastly, I would love to know if there are any materials you think is necessary/useful but mind not be common knowledge/in the kits.

Sorry for so many questions!! Answers to any of them would be greatly appreciated

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I recommend you go with psycho paint and SilcPig as they are worth the price for the quantity. You can have more control over the color mixing and pigmentation.

The powder, this envelope is enough for at least 2 partial kits, or maybe a full body. I suggest a bigger format anyway as you will want to use it later to re-matt the doll, as it can become sticky with handling.

You will need a thinner (oil paint thinner or Novoc, a silicone thinner).
Sponges without latex, cheap brushes, lint free paper towel, big seringes or spoon for measuring quantity, plastic pallet or plastic cups, tooth picks, tweezers, pipipads (you will use it on the blue side) or a plastic table cloth.


Would oil paint thinner be the same as we use with genesis? Since it is oil paint?

I don’t know what you use with Genesis since I use acrylic, but I think it’s the same.