Silicone paint trial..hmmm

Has anyone tried these trail sets from Macphersons? I’m going to order one…feel like I’m going to jump right off a cliff and free fall!! I dream to own a silicone baby…and have wanted to do this for years now…so going to take the plunge…well, a mini plunge;)


I’ve been wanting to…maybe one day :slight_smile:

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I bought it at Rose! But haven’t tried it out yet. I love the colors and style of painting that the lady who created it does, so I’m excited to try it!

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How exciting. And what a sweet little face!

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@Sony72 where do I find Sarah Sanchez kits? I googled it but I didn’t see anything

I really hope that Susan Gibbs will be well to teach silicone painting class at IDTS in 2020. I was planning to sign for it.

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Ahh I see! Thanks @jlesser

Thanks for the tips!!

I got a blank silicone doll and one of these kid at Rose. I’m so scared of ruining it. I love the kit even unpainted.

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