Silicone eyes in vinyl head

After having a major issue with glass eyes (hard to put in then when it finally did it went too far back in the socket, I couldn’t get it out so had to smash it) I’ve now ordered some Eyeco soft glass eyes. Will these be ok with the vinyl?

Should be fine

It’s my understanding that the soft glass eyes are not actually silicone. I know that silicone and vinyl should not touch each other, but I have heard of doll artists using the soft glass eyes with no issues other than they attract dust. I’ve thought about using them before but I don’t have personal experience. You should be good to use them, hopefully someone with experience will weigh in.

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Oh good, thank you. I’m hoping that being squishy means I’ll be able to press them down and simply push them in. Is there anything that is advised to use as a backstop to prevent them going too far in this time? I was thinking foam or sponge as it gives and springs back into shape?

I’d read they collect dust and was going to not bother with them due to it, but after getting a glass eye almost irreversibly stuck in the socket, so much so that I had to get my dad to break it out with serious force using a pillar drill and glass cutter, by some miracle avoiding damaging any of the vinyl, I decided I would rather put up with a little dust now and then that needs cleaning than risking that happening again. I have ordered one size up (a 23mm instead of a 22) which will hopefully avoid a stare-y look and I’m wondering if I could put a coat of clear gloss varnish on them perhaps to add shine?

My Eyeco soft eyes finally arrived today! I really didn’t know what to expect with them as eyes always look totally different on screen, but they are perfect! I love them, exactly the right color , fit well and went in easily. I’m super pleased with them and would certainly buy them again, I found them far easier to put in than the glass ones especially as I was inserting them from the front.