Silicone babies?

Has anyone ever done a silicone baby? Is silicone babies a new thing? I like them. They look more flexible n realistic to me. I wouldn’t mind having one. Do you know anyone that makes them? I would like to reach out to them.

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You can search for them on the forum; they’ve been discussed quite a bit. They’re VERY expensive to make and even more expensive to buy the completed baby. There are pros and cons to them, as with all things. I don’t have one but I’d love to get one some day.


Really, :scream::scream: I figured they would be expensive, but not that expensive. Guess I’ll stick with the reborns. Maybe one day I’ll hit the lottery n can get one. :joy::joy:


I want one too someday, but I will probably have to just make my own with those prices! So much goes into the quality ones, they’re really nice :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I want one. I thought I did, until I started researching, and it seems like too much trouble. They can “sweat” and you have to keep them powdered. Lint and every piece of fuzz sticks to them. I don’t have one, and maybe I’m wrong about it, but what I’ve seen looks like too much work!! LOL Some of you who have them can correct me! I might take a Romie Strydom if I had to…LOL


Depends on whose silicone you buy…each artist’s silicone varies a ton. I’ve heard Claire Taylor’s silicone is some of the best. She must matte it well as it never gets sticky or anything like that from what I’ve heard.

Making silicones are sooo expensive and it’s not easy to master the process so though a lot of people intend to make their own many give it up. @snuggle2me works with silicone and I know @westernstarr owns a few, maybe they can give you more info. :slight_smile:


No correction needed…you are correct… they are dust collectors and have to be powdered every few weeks to keep them clean…Having said that…they are a lot less maintenance than real babies…hahahaaha! I usually just pop the little rascals into the kitchen sink with some nice warm running water and wash away any dust and then powder and redress them…

Like Izzy mentioned…there are some artist like Claire Taylor who have been in the business for a long while so have the matting process worked out very well and like Izzy mentioned her dolls tend to be ‘easier’ maintenance

With the 4 I have or/and have had, this is what I have found - IMO

Positives are -
They feel really awesome squishy wise and weight wise as they tend to be heavier than reborns for their size
If you get one that is nicely done, they are baby soft and position very lifelike
They are the closest feel to a real baby in every way than anything else I have ever held that resembled a baby
Most times if you are not a collector you can be content with just one or one at a time…lol

Dust collector so requires regular maintenance to keep clean
Have to be more careful with the hair as it is not able to be glued in
With some, the matte tends to look ‘peely’ over time if it is applied to thickly (that is why you will see it from time to time on babies close up…)
They are very expensive but re-sell value though it may remain high, is the same as selling a second hand reborn…usually have to take a cut from what you paid unless it is highly sought after - doll or artist…or you are willing to do a life long layby plan…lol
If you are a collector, they are what my hubby calls ‘more-ish’…meaning you have to have more and more…


They are dust bunny magnets lol. But ive not noticed any sweating? Maybe the ones that sweat were poured with low quality silicone?
As for making your own, start up cost is expensive, plus you will need to sculpt and mold a baby. But if your determined then its doable :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind mini silicones but I’ve owned quite a few high quality full size silicone babies and I don’t like them at all. They’re not near as realistic to me, personally. I always think I’ll try them “one more time” when I fall in love with a new silicone sculpt. It never fails though as soon as I open them, I sell them. I try to like them I really do, lol. I even liked the full body silicones the least!!

I’m a vinyl girl, myself. :wink:


I have had a couple full body ones as well…I totally did not like one of them because he was positioned in a very straight position and it didn’t feel natural to hold him…The other one I love…All the rest I have and have had are cloth body…I do really like them but I have to say that a really well done reborn does tend to look more realistic than MOST (maybe not all…lol) silicones…I keep going back to the reborns as well… :smile: