Silicon babies the new trend?

I had Aisha up for a month.ive had lots of questions but the most asked is. " is she silicon?" Is this where we need to be going? frankly i havent see any but 1 that looked nicely painted .They were mosltly blotchy and of the ones ive seen really ugly and unreal.Im not sure if its the creator or the doll kits.
Are you supposed to use air dry? Wondering why they looked so badly.
I have to add one a lady from the UK had one for sale and she lifted up her lip to see teeth! That was pretty amazing.
What do you all think of silicon?

Some silicones are very neat, and wonderfully done. Others are awful.

They do get a sticky feel to them and catch hair, lint, etc. easily. You have to care for them differently than vinyl.

You have to use silicone paints. (from what I have seen.)

Here are some links to wonderful silicone doll makers.

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Eleanor might be interesting but surely for the top quality reborners
.Thanks jlesser fantastic links

Looking at the links jlesser put up very realistic…doing inside the lips and throat well …cant be easy!

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Saw some small silicon kits from china i think guess could experiment with them were like $35 i think .One lady said she use different silicons and hardnesses on different parts so pretty complicated

China silicone (tin silicone I think) breaks down. Very cheap silicone.

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Oh ok…Too bad think i saw a asian looking kit cheap Like to make one for my asian grand daughters. for xmas.They are small so wouldnt need to be top quality but who knows could be poisonous in some way too. .never know whats regulated for things like this…

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Silicone can also rip. So if a finger or toe, arm or leg is tugged it can tear as well.

I would not do silicone for little kids, personally. Maybe for my 12 yr old…

There is a type of silicone though that is stretchy but not sure that is used in making the babies or just making silicone props and such…

it is not a new trend but it is certainly building steadily!
Silicone is very heavy and realistic feeling (to some)…you have to be careful what type of silicone the doll or kit is made from as some will tear just from the weight! Also…only silicone will bond to silicone so you have to use special silicone pants and it is a totally different process…The kits cost anywhere from $350 (for a small partial limb) to $1200 0r more for a full body…hair cannot be sealed so care must be taken in styling rooted hair
Like I said…they can tear…hair come out…they can get sticky if not matted properly…and I have seen posts by collectors that bugs will eat the silicone so you may need to display in a case…or use lavender sachets around your doll’s display…
all things said…not everyone can afford one…


Silicone is expensive. the cost to make them is so much more expensive than vinyl dolls. That’s the main reason I haven’t jumped into doing them. Spending hundreds on a blank kit is way too much. As it is, vinyl kits are pricey enough!

I rhought rhey were oricey why i was suprised to see some cgeap obes when i googled them Well they dont sound very good .too many sure as with anything someonne will get the kinks out tearing and stickiness bug eaten price even …just not yet.
I just dont know why at my price so many people ask is it silicone!!Just wondered about it.
Haha i figured really high.ive seen a few for sale and the link Jlesser put up did i read she has an agent? or did i confuse that with the lady who makes furry animals? Another link someone put up.

Sadly there’s no way to remove the stickiness or possibility of tearing from the silicone. It’s part of the bad side of them, and part of the chemical makeup of the silicone. Not saying some artists don’t make gorgeous silicones, because they do. They’re just much more expensive and fragile.

I get those questions all the time, so I started writing at the end of my listing. This is not a sillicon doll, but there are those who still ask the question :laughing:
My daughter wanted one so bad because she wanted to be able to give her bath, but I was not going to pay so much so she got a cheap evita doll from China. The doll feels soft and can’t take bath. Doesn’t look realistic and had no hair but she loves playing with it. I did change the eyes and rooted some hair but she Is still not cute lol. We can’t ask for more it was only $300

Oh my gosh $300 ! a lot for a cheap one!

I still am not a silicone fan. I have seen two that I liked out of all the ones I’ve seen, and even those looked like they were having seizures when their hands waved around. People seem to want to give them baths. That seems to be the main reason people buy them. I love the vinyl babies and hope they don’t start to fade away, but if they do, I still won’t be making silicones. Not my thing…


Hahaha i watched a video with one today…and i thought the same thing…hands shaking like jello!!