Sienna baby

just finish sienna she turn out good I had the kit for 3 years old vinyle and I decide to reborn her I think she turn out pretty
when I started painted her I found a tiny hole at end of her nail but you can’t tell it it is like a pin hole in it. but I will put it in the listing when I get her listed I made her outfit and made her slip and made her body. I think I need to change her booties to white. how much should I start the bid should I say she is a boo boo baby
how much do you think I should start the bid. she must have been a second’s kit

plus she has high q mohair mico rooted blonde

I don’t think the pinhole makes her a boo-boo baby. I think if you start her at $99.00 you would likely have some bidders. Things are pretty slow right now for most of us.

okay I will thank you pia