Sideways eye placement

Ok new question from newbie here…
.Id. like to do babys whos eyes are looking sideways How do they do that. ?.
That vinyl area the eye goes into i cant figure how you could get the eyes far enough over to be looking sideways.Seems like that vinyl eye pocket would hold them in place looking forward

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Even for half round? (Like where one side is rounded and one side is flat)

Thanks for the information … do you use half round or oval? Was thinking to make it look sideways might bring the edge of eyeball too close to the eye opening where you might see the edge…

Full round eyes work the best

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do full round fit in that eye pocket?

I did use half round couldnt move them much at all on last doll… good to know… i can try on the half rounds Round does sound easier though Thank you both.

I use half-round eyes, cut the eye socket almost all the way and place the eyes how I want them. I then glue them with e6000. When dry, I glue the flaps down (as best it will fit) with the same glue. @Sony72’s idea of covering with moleskin is great!


I cut circular hole in the back of the eye socket. But the full round crystal eyes are hollow and fragile so need gentle handling

Ludmila what about the round acrylic eyes? they ok or not ?Saw some on ebay.
I think i need to be a lot better at this
before i get into really expensive eyes