Shyann limbs

Listen I know there have been many posts about it, but I’m the type of person that if I go looking for something I get sidetracked. So I’ll ask first. Shyann with precious gift limbs? Think it will work?


I don’t see why not, I have Londyns limbs to use for her.


Sounds good then. Thank you :blush: I’ll just do a switcheroo

I really do not get it why @BB does not get better limbs for Shyanne. She is such popular kit, but her arms are awful. I made mine into mermaid and gave her different arms.


I remember seeing your mermaid from a previous post. She’s beautiful.

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She’s AWESOME!!!

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BB does not sculpt these kits. They simply sell them as they were sculpted. If an artist doesn’t like the limbs that come with a particular kit, they can be switched for different limbs. Artists do this all the time.


Precious Gift’s limbs should work fine. Shyann’s are a bit on the small side for her IMO.


I guess Aleina Peterson is the one who would need to resculpt the arms to fit… Probably is easier to just get different limbs.


Getting different limbs is not really that easy; I ordered 3 or 4 before I got a pair that looked OK. They say for X" doll but that does not mean they will look right for every doll that size. I have also used different legs for some kits that came with awful ones, and the same thing happened. One pair the seller listed them as 2.5" feet and they were hardly 2"; apparently she measured the feet from the big toenail, down around the toe to the heel, and up the heel to almost the ankle. Considering that those legs came from UK and postage cost me more than the legs, I was not happy.

BB could ask Aleina and if she does not want to sculpt new ones, maybe could use some from her other kits; I mean this kit has been best seller for more than decade. Despite those limbs.