Show us your show babies progress!

Oh! Nice!

They are all just adorable!!! Those are some sure narrow tables! Best wishes on your sales!

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I am still working on mine and I hate photoshoots, so those who are completed just waiting for their pictures.

I LOVE how diverse your babies are!
Love their handmade matching outfits and that you even created blankets in those colors.
Their handmade donuts are just a cherry on top of your cake, I meant on top of your display.
Wishing you to be sold out! :hugs:


Thank you, but I didn’t create the blankets. I bought them to match the romper fabric.


Oh, I thought you bought the fabric and made them.
I never saw baby blankets in this fabric, only as as throws.


Oh, how CUTE!! I love those rompers!! Who is the cutie with the glasses? Amazing work and best of luck!!

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Sebby Brace

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I worked all day assembling and dressing babies. Got 5 of them finished. Here are some quick cell phone pics.


Their outfits are adorable


So sweet… did you sew some of the outfits?

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I made the shirts with iron Ons. I bought cloth to sew bloomers and had someone help me with some of it due to being short on time. She made all these.


@anjsmiles Super cute! The blue gingham is my favorite of the bunch.

Look at you go! Adorable! I absolutely love the yellow outfit (and the baby wearing it).

They are all adorable and I am loving those outfits!

Sooooo sweet…all of them!!! I love the Pooh flying kites one with the pixie bonnet :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Thank you all! I have more babies coming. I also have more cloth and am going to try to sew more bloomers to go with the t-shirts I made.

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Got the rest of them together today. I am exhausted!


Ava is my favorite… what is your total number of babies? Are you doing accessories again this year?

That’s alot of babies and outfits…no wonder you are exhausted…but they all turned out soooo cute!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: