Show us your preemies!

I love the preemies! They look so sweet and delicate…I just want to pick them up and protect them.

Here is one I reborn. I hope you share your pictures of your preemies too!

Your Teagan is so sweet. Here are some of my preemies.

Your preemies are BEAUTIFUL! I love them all. Thank you for sharing them with us!

These preemies are all so cute!

Julie who is the baby in your first pic? He is just adorable. You did a great job on him. I love those wrinkly little legs.

KJ, I love your Sweet Stuff. She is precious. The 1st baby in my post is Annalisa by Margaret Mousa. You might not think she was so cute if I showed you her ears. They are huge. I absolutely love her but so many people made fun of me for wanting to do her because of her big ears.

Awww, they are darling!! : )

Awww, these are ALL adorable preemies!!!