Show update

Thank you to all those that wished me luck with my show this weekend. It was very tiring but well worth the effort. I managed to sell 5 out of 8 babies including BB Amelia to a photographer for use in their studio and also got a custom order for Realborn Logan. I also had an funeral director ask if he can give my details to bereaved parents.


That’s so awesome! Congratulations on your sales.



Thats great and its pretty cool about the funeral director. I got into reborns, just as a collector, when I lost my son. He was 24 at the time, 2011, but it was something about holding these babies that made me feel better. Now I just like to make them and Ive given my babies to my daughter. Ive been thinking now about making a memorial baby of him but I may have someone else do it for me. Ill have to decide what will be better for me.

I think it must be difficult to make your own memorial baby. I think if I ever get asked to make one there would be a lot or questions I would need answered first such as weight, length, do you paint as it looks in death or as the baby would have looked when alive? All very difficult questions to ask bereaved parents.

@RebornsbyZebra I lost my 33 year old son last year, So I know what you mean about someone else making a baby that looked like him as a baby.

@juliehougue327 I am sorry to steal your thread , also wanted to say congrats it sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

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