Show Off - pic heavy

Just wanted to show off my custom Margo Brace, reborned by Barb Michael. I absolutely love her little teeth and red hair.

She’s with brother Joseph, reborned by me. :slight_smile: He’s actually for sale but I’m too lazy to post him. She is a keeper.


Congratulations on your new baby, she is a cutie pie. Her hair is amazing! Her baby brother is enjoying some snuggle time :grin::heart:


She’s cute!

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How adorable! :heart_eyes:

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Beautiful baby!! I love her eyes, ginger hair, and her beautiful peaches and cream skin tone.

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Your Joe is awesome :blush:

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I agree, your Joseph looks so amazing!! I love your custom Margo Brace but wow, your wow is amazing! I love the milia spots! :heart_eyes: