Show me your jerome's

ok so i keep seeing jerome on bb’s sales but they realy only show the head ,not the legs or feet…would like to see ppl’s jerome’s before i commit…sage

I really like his little face and furrowed brow and his feet are pretty nice but I am not a fan of his oddly clenched fists. I will be looking for different arms when I order him.

I really love Marissa May’s babies- but it would be nice to have more open hands- those pesky little nails are hard to paint also

He’s lovely, Kristi.


Hmmm- I don’t think so.
Is it really noticeable?

Tell me where on the limb again?

I’m sure I would have seen something like that- especially during painting- odd.

If you get different arms for them, what do you do with all the extra pieces? Just wondering in case I switch some things around. I’ve made a couple of starter babies out of spare parts. Then when I made Nolan with Libby’s limbs, I gave someone else the Libby head and the Nolan limbs because I wasn’t going to use them. Just curious what the rest of you do with the extra pieces… Use them at Halloween in the candy bowl to scare little kids!!!

They make great test parts. You could also put them up for sale. Someone making a child-friendly baby might make use of them.