Show me your AA babies with rooted curly hair

I am almost finished with my very first AA baby and still undecided about his/her hair. I bought the mohair already and it is beautiful but my hand and wrist are bothering me so I don’t think I can root right now. My other option is to paint it but I’m not very good at it. I’m hoping you ladies have some photos of babies you did with rooted hair to talk me out of painting it even more.

I tried to use the search thing but it’s not working for me tonight. Just trie to send me to Google.

I have one on under Snugglebuns Nursery… Her name is Kylah. She’s on the Babies For Adoption page today but there’s more pictures in the nursery. I wish I could remember where I got her hair. It’s super soft and really feels like baby hair. It was easy to root too. I can’t upload pictures to the forum anymore. My upload button disappeared.



Here’s some combo hair I am working on!! I used kid mohair for this. I accidentally purchased kid instead of yearling. I LOVE KID!! Maybe the quality is much better than what I typically use but OMG! I love use using KID. Others don’t like using it but it is a dream. So much fuller, softer, and curlier than yearling. It rooted like a dream.

Don’t mind the one earring thing. Just tapped an earring to she how she would look with them lol

I am working on a fully rooted AA should be done tomorrow.

Here’s one using yearling. I always forget to take the headbands and hair clips off. This is combo as well. The curls are much looser and larger.


Lovely babies everyone! I’m gonna have to wait until my wrist and hand feel better I guess.


Mine is missing on my computer too @jeanhai! But it’s in my phone! We need @EmilyBB to help us!

mine has never been there on my pc but is on my phone all you need to do if your on the pc is drag and drop the file into the reply section :smile:


Scarlet by Cindy Musgrove



Mind if I ask what hair is that? I keep missing out on the curly locks.
Looks great!

Here are a couple of mine:


Wow everyone! Such cute babies!!! I am for sure going to have to wait until I feel better. I am loving all the curls!

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Not sure if you are talking to me or some of the ladies above but just in case I will answer about mine and if you are talking to someone else, they can respond as well… I uses Susan Nagel mohair for mine…If you buy the wavy mohair, it curls in lovely soft curls…you just wet it well, use a wide tooth comb and Voila!..curls! The wavier the mohair the more curls… :smile:

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That first baby is super gorgeous!! Sugar is pretty too💕

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First baby is 100% human hair, second is human synthetic mix, third is mohair :slight_smile:


This is the only ethnic baby I’ve made. She actually has curly hair, I just have it combed straight in the picture. It is human hair and can be curled, straightened, etc.

I made her some time ago. Her eyebrows were terrible! Sorry.


Thank you so much.

Baby Beyonce

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