Should I take the less is more approach with my reborn painting?

I think I’m not watering down my paint enough and it’s one of the reasons as to why my reborns are not coming out the way I like them too. Also I am looking at tutorials on YouTube and I found one for the lips she says to paint the outlines of the lips first I’m worrying because when I do that If i dont work fast enough the paint makes a mark on the lips which doesnt look right since it’s not genesis you have a limited time to work the paint. Also I’m stuck with veins on one tutorial it says not to use such a tiny brush but on another it says to use a tiny brush. Also when I do veins I get pooling on each side of the brush stroke. I dunno it’s really hard to explain. Some times even if I prep the vinyl the brush strokes seem to separate and go in to little puddles usually on the arms and legs. And its really frustrating. I dont know what to do about this problem


Do you have any photos of your reborns?

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Are you using a primer on the kit first? Are you using an air dry paint thinner or just water?

Veins were really tricky for me, I thought I had to make them super thin but then they looked like cracks. I started blending them in by using a short wide eyeliner brush and tapping them on and then pouncing them to blend so they look subtle under the skin

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Yes I am prime them first then I begin to paint I’ve only dont this on bountiful baby reborns so not sure about the rest

Unfortunately I do not

I use Waterborne air dry paints. I use slo-dri with my paints and it helps to slow the drying of my paints and give me a little more work time. You can get a retarder online or at a craft store. When I do veins I use a bit of extra slo-dri which stops the beading I apply my veins with an eye shadow liner brush then use a cosmetic wedge to blend the ends of shape them.

I don’t really follow a tutorial. I just go with what I think looks good.


Do you let the primer set for 24 hours before you paint?

What brand of paint are you using? Are you adding anything to the paint besides water?

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Add some golden satin glazing liquid to your mix. It acts as a slow dry, will thicken up the runny paint and help with transparency.

No I dont becouse I’m quite impatient tbh

I’m using golden airdry paints no I dont add anything else to the paint as I dont know how how the paint will turn out if I do. im worrying that it will not dry properly and such if I add too much retarder

I dont know how much to add

I use Liquitex Professional air dry paints but I believe they’re similar to Golden. I add just a very small amount of Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel to my paints with the water. It helps the paint to stick and diminishes beading. I use a tiny brush for veins. If it’s pooling, your paint may be a little too thin. Try making it just a little thicker and test it on a limb flange. Most of the time I don’t outline lips on caucasian babies, but if I do it’s only a shade lighter than the rest of the lips. I don’t want it to look like adult lip liner. For the retarder, start with 5% of the amount of paint, but no more than 10%.

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