Should I just start over :(

I think I tried to hard to make him look good… Is there anything I can do to tone down the creases or should I just start over?


Mint washes should tone done the redness.


Agreed. Earth Mint washes are great for lightening down too much red. But otherwise, he looks excellent!

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Looking really good! I agree with the others on the mint. You did a great job

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His face is sweet, you did a good job. If he is just for you I would leave him the way he is but if you are going to sell him I would give him some flesh washes. Just some medium to fair skin tone mixed with a lot of thinner, don’t let it pool up in the creases, this mellows out the deep creasing a bit.

I would also give his lashes a little bit of a trim. I love babies who are born with long lashes but most babies especially baldies have fine to none.

Nice job.

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